NORTHERN SAFETY & FORKLIFT TRAINING ACADEMY focuses on man’s safety needs.

Being a:

Safety Consultant
we provide safety training as an effort to improve the current need for skilled workman and a safe working environment in the industry. We provide solutions for occupational safety & health (OSH) issues such as safety consciousness and work & safety etiquettes.

MISSION statement

Our journey and experience in the construction and industrial safety services has garnered us great business relationships and a significant client-tele. And we are not resting on our laurels. Instead it is spurring us to a deeper commitment for betterment in all aspect of our services. We would always bear in mind our mission which inspired the formation of NORTHERN SAFETY & FORKLIFT TRAINING ACADEMY PLT.


Focus on customer’s need and values at all time by providing prompt and high quality OSH training & consultancy services


Create safety consciousness among manufacturing & construction players as well as providing quality services to face the challenges in industries.

VISION statement

Total Commitment To Provide
Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Training & Consultancy Excellent Services
With Well Trained & Highly Skilled Work Team.


Our objective at NORTHERN SAFETY & FORKLIFT TRAINING ACADEMY is to provide the best occupational safety practice among the industry player and his workers. The best system of an organization will fail without the safety consciousness among the people. Thus, NORTHERN SAFETY & FORKLIFT TRAINING ACADEMY strive through its training to create a well trained and safety conscious workforce with awareness and better understanding on the importance and benefits of safety at workplace. We aim to deliver knowledge and basic training to enhance safety awareness among the industrial players and his workers. In the interim , increasing and upgrading safety related knowledge and reducing occupational safety and health risks of the workmen who hold the key to the industry’s success.